Thoughts on Repeal

By Greg Scandlen

There seem to be two arguments the Democrats use against repealing Obamacare. The first is that it isn’t going anywhere, the second is that there is some good stuff in it.

If it isn’t going anywhere, I have to wonder why they care about what the House does. They argue that it won’t pass in the Senate, and even if it does, the President will veto it.

Maybe, but the dim prospects in the Senate didn’t stop the House Democrats from passing Cap and Trade, and the chance of a veto has never stopped Congress of either party from passing legislation. In fact, a presidential veto of a popular bill is usually used as an argument in the next election – which, by the way, starts in less than a year.

Fact is that votes like this help to crystalize the issues – one side is trying to do something supported by the people and the other side wants to stop it. Which side should be re-elected?

The more important argument is that there is some really nifty stuff that would be lost if the law is repealed. Therefore, they say, the whole law shouldn’t be repealed, just the bad stuff. The Republicans should just identify the bad stuff and keep everything else.

So far the Republicans haven’t dealt very effectively with this argument. What they should do is turn it around and demand that the Democrats identify the good stuff they want to keep and repeal everything else.

So far, the only “good” things the Democrats have cited are the slacker mandate and the prohibition on pre-ex denials for children. I don’t agree that these are good ideas, but let’s accept the argument for the moment. Those provisions might take two pages out of the 2,700 pages of legislation. Why not offer to repeal 2,698 pages and keep only those two pages? Are there any other provisions worth keeping? Name them and we’ll consider keeping them. Maybe we’ll end up with a ten-page keeper and a 2,690-page throw-away.

This would also allow Congress to go through the bill provision-by-provision and have an up or down vote on each idea, something that never happened in passing this monstrosity. And at the same time, the Republicans could also insert their own ideas, something else that was never allowed the first time around.


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  1. Greg, Great idea! Bob

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