HSAs For Illinois State Employees

By Greg Scandlen

Our friend, Jim Porterfield, has written an impressive study for the Illinois Policy Institute called “Health Savings Accounts: A Win-Win for Illinois Public Employees and Taxpayers.”

In it he describes how the state and its workers could save literally billions of dollars by switching to HSAs for state employees. He writes:

When compared to the state’s HMO and Quality Care Health Plan premium costs for fiscal year 2011, properly-structured health savings account reforms could allow the state budget to show a savings every year through 2023. Under the three scenarios examined in this study, Illinois taxpayers could save as much as $18 billion to $27 billion between 2011 and 2023. Moreover, state employees and non-Medicare retirees can also save on FICA and federal income taxes while building savings for day-to-day and unexpected current and future health care expenses.

The study drills down deeply into the numbers to arrive at the calculations. Very likely you could replicate his work for your own state or entice Jim to do it for you.



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