About Greg Scandlen

This blog is brought to you by Greg Scandlen’s Health Benefits Group. Scandlen is an independent health care analyst in Hagerstown, Maryland.  He has over 30 years experience in health policy, especially in health care financing.

He started in the research department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine in 1979, was recruited by the BCBS Association to go to Washington to work on state affairs in 1984.

Disturbed by the growth of managed care, he left the Blues in 1991 to organize the Council for Affordable Health Insurance where he succeeded in helping to get Medical Savings Accounts enacted.  Once enacted, he went into independent consulting to help businesses adopt MSAs. He then did stints at the Cato Institute, the National Center for Policy Analysis, the Galen Institute, and finally organized Consumers for Health Care Choices in 2004, which is now a project of the Heartland Institute.

Throughout his career Mr. Scandlen has been an advocate of patient empowerment, consumer choice, and increased competition. He is widely published, gives about 30 speeches a year, and has been interviewed in many broadcast and print media outlets. His core insight is that most of the problems in the health care system stem from excessive reliance on third-party payment, and the solution lies in allowing health care consumers to control their own resources to purchase the services they value.

He is available for consulting and speaking. Some of his recent presentations include:

For more information contact:

  • The Health Benefits Group
  • PO Box 4955
  • Hagerstown, MD 21742
  • 301-606-7364
  • GMScan@comcast.net

6 Responses

  1. Good Luck Greg, I look forward to following your thoughts on how to repeal and conteract Obamacare.

  2. Greg, I wish you success in this new venture. Your reasoned, balanced and knowledgeable voice deserves to be heard. I hope you will get the wide exposure merited. I’m looking forward to accurate information, well-reasoned discourse, and far-sighted and workable suggestions.

  3. Greg,

    Please accept my best wishes on your new undertaking. You clearly have the subject matter knowledge and intellectual acumen to make a great go of this.

    We can only hope that others can be shown the great disservice that is being done to our country and to the cause of freedom by the course that has been, hopefully temporarily, chosen.

    I look forward to joining in the effort.

  4. […] Greg Scandlen writes: The new Medicare benefit for end-of-life counseling that was snuck in by the Obama Administration over the objections of Congress and the American people, is the fourth and final step of a process that will indeed lead to “death panels.” […]

  5. […] Greg Scandlen of Real Health Reform: Our Money, Our Health, Our Choice! gives us his take on Hits and Misses of the Repeal Debate – “Granted I may have missed something, but overall, I am left once again to wonder if the Republicans have the slightest idea of what they are talking about or how to craft a debate — other than maybe Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.” (Underscoring Forum’s.) […]

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